Charitable Organizations

The Charitable Organizations practice group provides general corporate and tax planning for all types of charitable organizations at all stages of their existence. Our attorneys assist start up nonprofit groups with legal formation, federal tax exemption recognition as well as state law compliance and registration issues. We also have substantial experience in assisting charitable organizations in obtaining state law exemption from sales taxes and property taxes. We routinely advise nonprofits in developing and adopting corporate policies, procedures and best practices.

Boy's clubOur attorneys represent established public charities and private foundations. We advise public charities relating to unique tax issues during their lifetime, such as the excess benefit transactions, charitable contribution acknowledgement rules, executive compensation and the public support test. Our attorneys are also experienced with special issues applicable to private foundations, such as the minimum distribution requirements, taxable expenditure rules, self-dealing rules, excess business holding, and jeopardizing investments.

The Charitable Organizations practice group also represents tax-exempt organizations in reorganizations, mergers, dissolutions and joint ventures with other charitable and for profit organizations. As an organization’s charitable activities become more complex and diverse, our attorneys assist our nonprofit clients in managing their corporate structure, including creating taxable and tax exempt subsidiaries, disregarded entities, supporting organizations and joint ventures. Finally, our attorneys have unique experience in assisting qualified nonprofit organizations in developing and operating affordable housing using the low income housing tax credit.